3 Big Lies Video Hot Content (2 hours before)


EMAIL #5: Testimonials

Subject: ~Contact.FirstName~, Your upcoming epiphany session is starting in approximately 10 mins…

Preview Text: Teaser: Just grabbing a glass of water and prepping notes…

Hey ~Contact.FirstName~,

We’re 10 mins away, so hope you’re getting comfy and have your notebook and hydration all set up.

While you wait, I thought I’d send you a couple of quick screenshots to remind you that this is no ordinary call you’re about to get on – for multiple reasons:

  1. You’re about to speak not with some scummy salesperson, but with one of my own clients who’s worked with me and experienced the transformation you seek
  2. They’re going to help you see what’s really got you stuck so you can fix the right thing (and burn your too-long to-do list).

One of my teammates recently got on an Epiphany Session with a woman we’ll call Sarah (name changed to protect her identity). 

Sarah was a yoga teacher struggling to sell what she really did – a far more holistic and in-depth blend of healing modalities. She came to the call because she sensed her messaging was misleading her clients to believe they were simply hiring a “yoga teacher” (talk about a crowded, underpaid niche! Yikes!). 

Her upcoming retreat had sold 1 out of the 6 seats she needed to sell to break even.

Just from the questions we asked on the free call itself, Sarah had a massive breakthrough – she even cried with relief – because she finally GOT what she really sold. And the subconscious pattern that was preventing her from showing up.

What’s really magic is what happened next:

BEFORE she even officially started the program, Sarah’s energy around her expertise had changed. 


She emailed us 72 hours later to tell us she had doubled her prices and sold 4 more seats to her retreat!!! For a total of $8000 cash collected.

This is the same woman who had been struggling to close clients at her lower price point before.

All this BEFORE she started officially working with us. Literally, this was an $8000 from the complimentary Epiphany session. 

I hope you’re ready for your epiphany, because everything you seek is seeking you.




– Then remind them to click the link to the call and that you’re actually going in now and waiting for them… – Insert testimonial images. We’ll NOT send them to another page, because this is 10 min just before the call. We’ll attach the screenshot right in the middle of the email.