3 SMS’s (optional, but recommended)

SMS #1: Application pending text (Instant)

Hi ~Contact.FirstName~, we got your application to speak with us here on Geeta’s team. We’re reviewing it and will shoot you an email as soon we your status is updated. You should receive an email with news in the next 4-6 hours.

SMS #2: Application approved text

Congrats ~Contact.FirstName~!! Your application has been accepted! We’re currently arm wrestling over who gets to call you at ~Contact._MeetingdateandtimeinCustomerstimezone~. Hope you’re as excited as I am. What is the ONE thing you wanna make sure we discuss?


SMS #3: 10 min reminder text

PSST ~Contact.FirstName~!  I’m gonna call you for your epiphany session in approximately 10 mins. But we just sent a surprise to your inbox – go look!