Application Approved (Preparation Guide + Intro to Team] [4 Hours After Application]

EMAIL #2: App Approved/Intro to Enrolment Coach

Subject line: SUPER IMPORTANT: You’ve been approved BUT…

Preview Text: Teaser: If you think you’re gonna get on a call with a salesperson, you’ve got the wrong number

~Contact.FirstName~, you’re in!

It’s SUPER important that you read this all the way to the bottom (or coffee will fall on your keyboard!!). Seriously though, I’ve got some important instructions so we can hit the ground running).

We looked through your application and we agreed that we’d LOVE to have you over for dinner (that’s one of our core filters for choosing who we want to invest energy in). We also had a little arm wrestle about who on our team is best suited to help you with the specific issues you voiced on your app.

You see, other companies would treat this process as a “sales op”. They’d hire a “closer” who’s been trained on high pressure sales tactics and is in it for the commissions rather than the personal and business growth (yours or their own).

But that’s icky. And more of that slimy internet-markety stuff that I DON’T want to be a part of.

We decided to zag.

So you’re gonna be speaking with either me… or one of my CLIENTS!!

Yeah, you read that right.

An actual client who has worked with me and has lived the transformation you’re looking for. And because they’ve lived the experience of being in our program and getting results, they’re brilliant at sussing out what your actual stuck points are and whether our methodology will work for you.

Because we don’t work with just anyone. We only work with folks we’re 100% sure we can help.

I mean, what’s a faster way to grow a company than having your clients do so well and have such deep success that they are actually excited to pay it forward and help others have the same epiphanies they’ve experienced?!

And yes, agreeing to spend some time talking to you means they get additional mentorship and coaching from me personally, so we’ve designed this as a win-win.

You win because you’re speaking to someone who has been in your shoes, worked our system and gotten results. So they can coach you through some of the same stuck points we helped them overcome. Right on the call.

They win because I’m even more invested in their ongoing success and growing skillset, which adds momentum to their own programs.

My company wins because we’re building growth on a foundation of solid alignment instead of sketchy “tactics”.

Now here’s the thing though – if I’m gonna ask one of my beloved clients to spend a FULL HOUR on a call with you, I need you to bring your A-game.

Rules for the call:

  1. No reschedules: We’ve kept these calls free to make them accessible, but you don’t get a second chance. If you miss our call, we’re done. We’ll give your spot to someone on our waitlist.
  2. Block off a solid hour:  Again, this ain’t no lame-o “discovery” call. You’re gonna get clarity ON THE ACTUAL CALL. So show up and make sure there are no distractions or meetings you need to run to. Ideally have an additional 30 mins afterwards to process your notes from the call.
  3. No driving or distractions: You asked for help. We’re here to help you. Everyone needs to show up 100% fully invested. This hour could change the entire trajectory of your business, so make sure you’re in a quiet place with your notifications turned off, no driving or other distractions. If we hear that you’re driving, my clients have been told to end the call and move on.
  4. All decision makers come to the call: If you run your business with a spouse or partner or key teammate that needs to be bought in on decisions be they financial or otherwise, have them join us. We’ll create much more momentum this way.
  5. Bring a notebook: You’re gonna have an epiphany (or 12). It’s a lot to absorb and folks who don’t take notes tend to get mad because it’s close to impossible to keep it all in your head after. You want change, come prepared.

You asked the Universe for a change. It’s here. And I’m really excited for you.

Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be on a call like this…  but on my team. Because you’ll have seen for yourself that what we do WORKS.

And you’ll be excited to show (instead of tell) others how it all works.

I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are.

In order to keep your call slot, I need you to watch this video where I walk you through some crucial details on how to prep for your Epiphany Session.

In alignment,



VIDEO 1: Prep for Epiphany Call


Pour the wine and cut the cheese – if you’re watching this video, it means your application has been accepted. #itisworking

So I wanna really quickly walk you through what you need to do to get the most out of our time together. I’ll briefly recap what I mentioned in the email I sent AND I’ve got a few steps you NEED to have prepared so we can help you to fullest of our abilities.

RULE #1: This call is free. Which means there are no second chances – if you don’t show or show up late, we’re done. You have to understand – I’m hooking you up with one of my best clients to walk you through the same process that jump started their business. We can only help those who take themselves seriously enough to show up. No second chances.

So, pause this video and make sure you set up a reminder in your calendar or whereever else so you don’t miss out. We’ll also send you text reminders, but don’t leave it to chance.

I don’t have the call time in front of me, but at the time you picked from our calendar – someone on my team will call the phone number you gave us. Make sure to have the info I’m about to ask you about ready so we can dive in. I’ll get to those details in a second, but I wanted to tell you…

We were actually reviewing your app on our team meeting just now so I’m REALLY excited for the clarity exercise we’ve prepared for you for this call.

It’s the same one that has helped several other folks like you make significant progress – JUST FROM THE CALL. Even before they officially started working with us. So you’ll wanna bring a notebook and make sure you’re NOT driving or managing kids or otherwise distracted. (b-roll?)

If you show up distracted or driving, we WILL end the call. We are fully invested in the process and need you to show up that way as well.

OKAY, so here’s what you have to prepare:

  1. This call isn’t for everyone – it’s for folks who are dead serious about making a change and are willing to examine their own responsibility in the reality they’ve created. We’re gonna dig into not just the strategic pieces of your business but all the subconscious patterns that are causing you to spin your wheels and make things harder than they need to be. If all you want is some fancy funnel strategy bullshit, honestly, this is not the call for you.

  1. We’re gonna ask you for data and facts. If we’re gonna help you get to the REAL root of your problem, we need to know EXACTLY what’s actually going on. 

So, we’re gonna ask you about the current state of your business. What, in your opinion, your top 3 challenges are.

We’re gonna ask you for real numbers – what has your revenue been PER MONTH for the last 6 months. Have those numbers ready. And don’t tell me you’re not good with numbers because I promise you, once the numbers start working for you, you get really into numbers. And the whole purpose of this call is to get you there. So 6 months of revenue broken up by month.

We’re also gonna need other metrics- if you’re speaking to clients over the phone, how many calls per month are you doing? What’s your close percentage? How many hours are you spending to generate the revenue you’re making.

What’s your profit margin – in other words, how much do you actually take home after all your expenses?

People are sometimes daunted by these questions because it forces you to really look at what’s going on – but if we’re going to shift your reality, we have to first have the courage to see it for what it is. So please, do this homework.

Next, we’re gonna ask you about where you want to go in terms of your monthly revenue. If we were to work together and get you the clarity and systems you need, what would you want to be bringing in every month?

And what else would need to be true – revenue is super important – your business can’t survive without making money, BUT revenue is just one marker of business success. 

So what would you need – a business you can run from anywhere? Time leverage where you can work one to many without compromising client results or burning yourself out? Team support so you can deepen your service without having to do everything yourself? Think about these things and list them so we won’t waste time on the call.

Okay, so that’s what you’re bringing to the call. Now I’m gonna tell you what WE’RE bringing.

We’re going to listen deeply – not just for the information you’re sharing, but for the assumptions and belief patterns that lie behind the actions you’ve been taking. 

We’re gonna be listening to where you’re getting in your own way and overcomplicating what needs to be simple. We’re gonna help you slice through your never-ending to-do list and pare it down to just a handful of high return activities that will get you the results you KNOW you should already have.

So first, we’ll get you clear on the REAL root of your stuckness – where all the problems kinda weave together under the surface because if you can release that knot, everything changes without your having to “fix” every piece one by one.

Then we’ll get you clear on where you wanna go. And then together we’ll build a bridge from where you are right now to where you’d prefer to end up.

If, at that point, there’s an opportunity for us to support you more deeply and if that’s something you want to explore, we’ll go there.

But truthfully, we won’t work with anyone we’re not 100% sure we can help. And if we don’t have actual lived experience building what you’re trying to build, we’d rather refer you to someone who CAN help you. That way we stay friends and you can refer us folks who ARE the right fit for our program and will get results with what WE do.

So know that no matter what – whether we end up working together or not – you’ll leave the epiphany session with crystal clarity on the handful of high return activities you need to focus on. That way you’re empowered to get help and build momentum whether that includes working with us or not.

If we do invite you to work with us, here’s what to expect.

Our program is like no other out there.

We don’t work with you on just your business systems – you can get just strategy elsewhere on the internet probably for way less.

We know from experience that your business is a reflection of your belief system and subconscious patterns. Your fears and blocks are literally showing up in your messaging and attracting the clients that are currently driving you nuts. 

So when we work with you, we’re gonna START with a 1-on-1 session with David, who is my personal mindset coach. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on coaching and no one was ever able to shift me the way he did. That’s why I hired him and continue to work with him in the exact way that he’s gonna work with you. To release trauma so you can allow in the abundance that you’re meant to have.

He’s also going to create a custom audio for you to listen to out of each session that he does with you – this is reprogramming you can do in no extra time. Literally, last thing at night, as you get into bed, you plug your headphones in and hit “play” and allow his voice to wash over you in that twilight place between sleep and waking. People experience profound shifts in their stress levels, sleep quality, relationships and more just from this. And it’s all customized to what YOU need to work on – because each of us brings different challenges to the table.

David and subsconscious support are an ongoing theme throughout the program, so even when we’re working on messaging and sales and media, it’s always with a side of emotional release and reprogramming.

Okay, so what exactly do we cover in the 8 weeks:

Week 1: My copy coaches and I will personally guide you through our proprietary messaging system so you have deep clarity around who you are, who your ideal client is and what they REALLY need from you.

Week 2: We use the clarity you’ve just experienced to design an offer that’s going to be a steal at $5K to $15K because it’s designed with results in mind and built to deliver momentum.

Week 3: We teach you how to pre-sell this new premium program -because if you’ve never sold a premium offer before, this is where ALLL the bogeymen are going to come out from under your bed. All that fear – fear of rejection, fear of being seen, fear of abandonment and failure which sometimes masquerades as fear of success. We’re expecting the breakdown, so we support you through it and teach you a flow that you can use that will have your ideal clients BEGGING to work with you without you ever feeling like you’re selling.

Week 4: More selling techniques – we’ll guide you on how to structure your emails and posts and any sort of content marketing you’re doing so it is infinitely more effective. We’ll teach you to sell from stage without selling and sell online creating YOUR version of the video that made you reach out to us – so you know it works.

You’re going to be giving value that creates the desire for more. THAT’S why our clients have close rates anywhere from 40-70%. It’s not just because our sales training is phenomenal – though it is. It’s also because the clarity of your messaging will create a journey for your client. By the time they get on a call with you, they’re already sold.

Week 5: We’re going to get into the mechanics of coaching deeply. Because your program is only as good as your ability to create transformation, right. So keeping your skills sharp and head in the game is crucial.

Week 6: We get into Amplification and share with you a media list worth $15K. And I co-teach this piece of the program with Jess Todtfeld, the guy who has held the Guinness World Record for the most media interviews done in a 24 hour period for 10 years running. We not only show you his exact method (that takes less than 2 hours per week), but when you get to this point, Jess will personally help you develop those hooks and tweak your pitch till it’s done. He was one of the founding producers on Good Morning America, so this man really knows what it takes to get a busy producer’s attention.

Weeks 7-8: This is where we get into bigger thinking so you can turn your method into a movement. Because this is ultimately not about you, it’s about the purpose you’re here to fulfill.

Throughout the 8 weeks, we’ll be digging into the blocks and fears and stuckness that come up as you implement.

My copy coaches and I will be working with you 1-on-1, fully customized to you to help you rewrite and dial in your messaging till it is a dog whistle to your ideal client. You have unlimited helpdesk so SEND IN THOSE TICKETS and get all the help you can handle.

We have 2 live group coaching calls per week – Tuesdays at 1pm ET and Thursdays at noon ET. We record those calls so you can transcribe the bits where one of my coaches or I just totally nails what you’ve been trying to say for years. It’s our secret sauce – it’s like channeling – I never remember what I say after the fact because it comes through me. Obviously you’re free to ask all the questions you like – but the real magic lies in the questions WE ask YOU. We PULL your genius out of you by taking you deeper than you could ever go yourself. 

Our calls are small group – no more than 25-30 people at a time, so everyone gets personalized attention and no one gets left behind.

So, to recap, you get 1-on-1 sessions with David plus a custom recording to help you finally release and reprogram your subconscious patterns, unlimited 1-on-1 helpdesk, two live group coaching calls every single week and a private FB community where you can post your wins, share insights and have a safe space to share some of the emotions that will be triggered when things finally start working and a whole new level opens up.

You have never had a team this dedicated to supporting you inside and out with what you’re building. Your challenge is going to be to relax and allow it. Allow us to help you and hold you through the transformation that’s coming your way. This isn’t going to be about hustle – our program only takes about 2-3 hours per day during the 8 weeks and you’ll be monetizing right around week 3.

This is about ALLOWING things to come to you without the need to sabotage it by controlling it all.

If you’re equal parts excited and terrified at the idea, you’re in the right place.

I’m so excited for us both – can’t wait to connect.

Okay, so go start putting together that list of information – that I asked you for – that we just talked about –  and keep an eye on your inbox because I have something juicy headed your way.