Old Way Vs New Way


SUBJ: What does clarity even look like?

Preview Text: If you’re expecting a pic of me posing with a Lambo, I got some bad news…

Hey ~Contact.FirstName~,

If you’ve ever felt despair because your purpose won’t leave you alone, but all you seem to have is obstacles getting in your way, I feel you.

I’ve been there. And it’s approximately as pleasant as a surprise bikini wax at 2am.

Okay, I’ve never actually had a surprise 2am wax, but the suckiness of being stuck spinning your wheels when you’re doing everything right IS UNREASONABLY AWFUL.

I made a video about what happened to me: Click Here To Watch It https://go.dev.impactwithinfluence.com/new-way31949278?inf_contact_key=e2e119a1ca6c0ed966f774d1eec69316

Watch it and hit reply: what most resonated with you?

Because I’d like us to start your epiphany session there, so we can skip the small talk and get right to it.

You needed this yesterday. I know. Been there.

Hang in there,



Other option is to send them a link to the same webinar video as a refresher.



If you’ve tried to take your expertise online, chances are you’ve been made to build a bunch of “funnels”. And if your experience is anything like mine, that’s led to a whole bunch of other “f” words. Most of which you’re not allowed to say on TV.


So back in 2015, we found out we were expecting our second baby.

When we found out, I realized we were gonna have to make a pretty serious pivot. I even wrote about it in my column in Entrepreneur magazine.

So I did what any smart, motivated entrepreneur would do.

I invested in some coaching and programs to learn how to take the speaking arm of our business entirely online.

I started “building the machine”.

We spent hours in brainstorming meetings plotting out these uber complicated funnels.

I was OBSESSED with automation.

I burned the midnight oil creating templates and a 5 day challenge and various steps along our “ladder”.

We built the usual $7 tripwire and $57 upsell which leads to the $97 OTO and the $197 profit maximiser – and by the way if all of this sounds like Latin to you, pat yourself on the back for not having wasted months and close to $50 grand building it all out.

Because the worst part was not all the time, money and energy I’d spent building it.

It was that each teeny offer required its own funnel to drive traffic – and it was requiring me to spend 80% of my time marketing and only 20% of my time doing the coaching and client interaction work I so desperately loved.

I called up our funnel coach and asked point blank – how on earth were they making this work?

They explained that they used their smaller products and even their $2000 program simply to liquidate ad costs. Their money was in their “high ticket back end”.

I almost threw my phone across the room.

THIS, I realize, is what kills businesses.

Look, I am passionate and motivated and disciplined and NOT an amateur and you know what?

I wanted to *?*%ing quit.

I wanted to ditch the whole thing and binge watch Netflix and cry and blame someone.

*not my proudest moment*

Luckily the Universe had other plans for me.

And I started to ask myself a single question:

What if this were simple?

You know what I discovered?

It could be.

And so we turned off 80% of our marketing.

Yeah, you heard me.

Just stopped.

And I shifted the way I looked at my business.

I stopped focusing on passive income – spoiler alert – there’s no such thing.

Passive income makes sense if your zone of genius is marketing and more than anything you want to grow up and become and internet marketer.

Because this model of passive income means that you create your product and then never touch it again. The part everyone leaves out is how in order to make any money from said product, you gotta market your ass off.

Which means you spend 80% of your time marketing.

That wasn’t me. I love the coaching. The connecting. The growth.

And my quest to stabilize my business actually did the opposite.

So I switched gears. Instead of trying to keep up with every latest platform and strategy and shiny guru, I decided to turn inwards and go deep.

I got CRYSTAL CLEAR on what I really do for our clients. I dove into the deepest layers of the work and started to document and processize how I pull people’s genius out from them.

I didn’t lie to myself or my clients that this would ever be a DIY process – it’s not. Getting this level of clarity is like having open heart surgery. You could be the best open heart surgeon in the world but you still need someone to operate on your own heart. You just can’t go that deep on your own, which is why you never break through to where the impact and income come from.

So when we work with our clients, we do this work WITH them – each of our clients has a trained copywriter assigned to them who drills into the layers of their genius until we hit their sweet spot. The thing that ONLY they can do – the place where all their experiences and skills come together to make them unique even if they’re in a super crowded niche.

We teach our clients how to structure their free content so that it’s driving their prospects to book calls with them – no matter what platform they’re using. If you want to go from pumping out “valuable free content” that people seem to like but that never leads to sales, this alone will change your life.

The way most gurus teach you to put out content is the equivalent of giving a toddler a cookie right before supper. Yes, it’s tempting and clickable, but it kills their appetite for the main course without nourishing them.

The way we teach it, your content is the scrumptious hor d’oeuvre that delights them enough so now they’re even HUNGRIER for the main course.

The fact that you’re here, watching this video, is proof that our way works.

And the final piece we focused on was helping folks build exposure and credibility at the same time WITHOUT needing to have a giant pre-existing audience. Because we teach them how to “borrow” audiences from influencers and the mainstream media so they can accelerate building their own audiences…


We started to see incredible results.

Both for our clients and ourselves.

People who were limping along making a few thousand dollars a month while burning out were suddenly having $16K days and $21K weeks

And it was happening to us too – and that’s important – you need to live the transformation you promise.

Our own profits quadrupled in the first 6 weeks of making these changes.

We had our first 6 figure month.

Holy shit.

I know.

Think of it as overlapping circles.

One circle is you. Your gifts,  your values, your purpose, your skills and what lights you up.

The other circle is your ideal client. Who she is, her values, her purpose and the pain that’s keeping her stuck and miserable. I’ve done a whole other video about this – I’ll link it here.

You want to build your business in the space where those two circles overlap.

And truthfully, you can’t know who your ideal client is or what your program or course should contain until you’ve done the work of first figuring out who you are and what transformation your work actually creates.

It’s not about your title or program name or tagline.

It’s not about what gender your client is or her age or income level.

It’s about how your deepest values and skills connect up to make your offer an answer to her most fervent prayer.

This work isn’t for the faint of heart.

I gotta tell you, it takes tremendous courage to show up this way and say, “I want to help in this audacious, deep way. And I am gonna show up and so are you.

“And  I am going to charge 5 figures for my program because that buys me the freedom from stress, it buys me the resources and team I need to TRULY create this life-changing transformation you seek. And ultimately, that’s what you’re paying me for. RESULTS. Not stuff.”

If you’re not saying this to your clients and showing up that way… you’re missing out.

If you’re not showing up this way, you’re gonna attract the dabblers and looky loos and folks who need to think about it because they’re not truly committed.

YOUR commitment is what will be mirrored by your clients. So when you commit to this deep growth, to your own process and to showing up this way, you get the folks who are ready to invest in having that for themselves.

Your pretty website or complicated funnel isn’t gonna change your clients’ lives.

The truth isn’t out there.

It’s in here.

And if you’re ready to see where your message and your belief system and your business model might not all be fully aligned, this epiphany call is exactly what you’ve been praying for.

Rethinking my business and my priorities this way changed my life and now it’s your turn.

Remember, Simple = More profitable.

Oh, and I just wanted to mention the happy ending to our story…

In July 2016, I gave had our beautiful baby daughter in our bed at home. Her brother cut her umbilical chord and held my hand as the midwife tended to me.

You CAN have whatever you want if you’re willing to go deep inside and face your truth. Don’t believe anyone who says otherwise.

Can’t wait to connect with you and unleash your genius.