Strong Short Testimonial

EMAIL #6: Strong Short Testimonial

Subject: ~Contact.FirstName~, Your upcoming epiphany session is starting in approximately 10 mins…

Preview Text: Teaser: Just grabbing a glass of water and prepping notes…

Hey ~Contact.FirstName~,

We’re 10 mins away, so hope you’re getting comfy and have your notebook and hydration all set up.

While you wait, I thought I’d send you a couple of quick screenshots to remind you that this is no ordinary call you’re about to get on – for multiple reasons:

  1. You’re about to speak not with some scummy salesperson, but with one of my own clients who’s worked with me and experienced the transformation you seek
  2. They’re going to help you see what’s really got you stuck so you can fix the right thing (and burn your too-long to-do list).

I cannot stress the importance of fixing the right thing enough.

It’s what took Jen Berson from burnt out and pissed off – having invested tens of thousands of dollars recording videos, running ads, building complex funnels, hiring gurus – to this:

(enable your images so you can see Jen tell the story in her own words).

Jen had almost given up on her dream. But then she found us.

You’re next.




– Create excitement 10 mins before

– Do not insert any sort of video content here because there’s not enough time to consume it. You want to give them something they can read and absorb in 2-3 minutes that makes them excited to get on a call with you.

– 10 min reminder text